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 22 June 2007


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The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has witnessed series of changes since it was extracted from the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in 1958. The Immigration Department as it was known then, was entrusted with the core Immigration duties under the headship of the Chief Federal Immigration Officer (CFIO). The department in its embryo inherited the Immigration Ordinance of 1958 for its operation. At inception the department had a narrow operational scope and maintained a low profile and simple approach in attaining the desired goals and objectives of the government. During this period, only the Visa and Business Sections were set up.

On August 1st, 1963, Immigration Department came of age when it was formally established by an Act of Parliament ( Cap 171, Laws of the Federation Nigeria ). The head of the Department then was the Director of Immigration. Thus, the first set of Immigration officers were former NPF officers. It became a  department under the control and supervision of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs ( FMIA ) as a Civil Service outfit.



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