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 22 June 2007


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Diplomatic Passport  (Red cover)

Official Passport (Blue cover)

Standard Nigeria Passport ( Green cover)

Pilgrims Passport (Color varies from year to year)

Seaman's Book (Certificate of Identity) (Maroon cover)

>> Service Charter for the Passport division

Diplomatic Passport

Official Passport

Standard Nigeria Passport

Who qualifies

All Nigerians by birth , naturalization and registration
This is the most commonly used travel document in Nigeria.

Requirements for Obtaining a Standard Nigerian Passport

Three(3) recent coloured (4x4 cm) passport photographs

Duly completed passport application form

Bank draft of N5,100(Five thousand one hundred Naira)
    from Standard Trust Bank Plc.

Duly completed guarantors form, from eminent individuals, employers,
     agencies, recognized corporate organization, and institutions  

Letter of identification from Local Government Area Chairman

Copy of Birth Certificate or sworn affidavit of Age declaration

For a minor (person below 16 years) a letter of consent from the
    father is accepted in place of guarantors' form

Incase of married woman. A copy of marriage certificate or
    sworn affidavit of marriage and consent letter from husband

Explanatory Note:
- No Nigerian is allowed to hold multiple standard passport
All Standard passports  have a life span of 10 years with an initial validity
   of five (5) years.




Pilgrims Passport
(Color varies from year to year for security reasons)

Who qualifies

 Nigerians intending to go on Pilgrimage to the Holy lands.


It is valid for six months only.


Seaman's Book ( Certificate of Identity )

Who qualifies

This is issued to Nigerians who work on ocean going vessels or watercrafts

Requirements for Obtaining a Seaman's Book (Certificate of Identity)

Three(3) recent coloured (4x4 cm) passport photographs

Birth Certificate/Age declaration

Letter of Introduction from employer

Payment of prescribed fee ( N2,600 in bank draft from Standard Trust Bank)


Issuing Centres

Nigerian Passports can be obtained in Nigeria at the Service Headquarters, Abuja, the 36 States of the Federation , FCT.



List of Cancelled Passports




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